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Golway was established in 2001 (formerly known as Guangzhou Goldenway Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.),The headquarters and R&D center are located in Shenzhen,The production base is located in Guangzhou Mingzhu Industrial Park. It has 150 acres of self-owned industrial area and 200,000 square meters of self-built factory buildings. The R&D and production of fixed assets exceeds 100 million yuan.It is a scientific and technological manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development, own brand and independent patent. The company has a strong R&D team and independent laboratory, and is a national high-tech enterprise.It's also a national high-tech enterprise, which has a strong R&D team and independent laboratory.

The company has developed a world-class level large-scale intelligent automatic fume purification a system , intelligent letter box products with independent intellectual property rights, electric forklift drive system, intelligent navigation system for logistics vehicles, new energy charging piles, ID card certification machines , and vehicle management machine,etc.

Until 2019, our company has obtained 29 patents of various types, including 5 invention patents, 13 utility model patents, 11 appearance patents, and more than 30 patents are under applying.At the same time, the company also has 17 software copyright certificates, and other software and environmental certifications more than 20 .

The company has complete human resources, research and development, quality, order delivery, production, transportation and other management systems,which is a domestic first-class supply chain management platform. In recent years, it has served extensively in the world's top 500 customers,include HUWEI,VERTIV,CHINA POST,SF Express,Alibaba,Tencent,CRG Banking,China Unicom,etc.

The company has set nine sales areas and four offices throughout the country, and has a one-stop service network to provide customers with fast, high-quality pre-sales and after-sales services.

company culture

Enterprise Business philosophy

Not for the best but for better,It is not the ultimate goal of our company to keep leading in the domestic industry.But to keep track of the latest concepts and processes in the field in the world, and try our best to meet customer's increasingly complex process requirements.
  • A vibrant spirit;
    Keen and persistent enterprising mentality

  • Rigorous and serious working methods;
    United and working together working style

  • Fair and equal working environment;
    Trustworthy and honest business method

Development Plan

  • Brand Goal

    Be a respectable brand manufacturer

  • Market Goal

    Become a well-known brand in the industry

  • Client Goal

    Focus on major customers

  • Product Goal

    Guided by customer needs, keep continue to pursue high quality and,
    low cost and fast delivery product development and manufacturing model

  • Management Goal

    Focus on the customer, build a complete management system and platform, and do not take high profits as the development goal.
    Using reasonable profits to maintain long-term development , protect customers' long-term interests and continuous value-added services.

Development History


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