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The wet purification tower produced by our company has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, compact structure, beautiful appearance and small floor space. It is one of the important purification equipments for gas treatment.

The multi-stage packing wet purification tower is equipped with a foam system and multi-faceted hollow packing for purification, and has the advantages of small system resistance, sufficient gas-liquid contact, excellent absorption efficiency, convenient operation, safe operation and low cost.

Wet purification tower structure

The wet purification tower is a circular tower body. The specific structure is composed of a liquid storage tank, a water pump, a packing layer, a foam section, an air inlet section, a gas distribution layer, a support layer, a dewatering filler layer, an outlet section and a drainage system.

Easy to operate, easy to install and repair,High strength and small footprint.

The role of each part is as follows:

1)The reservoirs ensure that the foaming liquid is recycled, a liquid pipe is added to the system, and a filtrate device is added to the pipette.

2)The water pump ensures the power equipment for circulating the foam liquid;

3)The filler layer is used to expand the contact area between the exhaust gas and the circulating fluid, and to make the exhaust gas and the liquid uniformly and uniformly contact.

4)The foam section is installed in the foam system inside the purification tower, and an atomizing head is installed on the foam pipe to ensure the contact effect between the exhaust gas and the circulating fluid.

5)The inlet section is designed according to the size of the treatment air volume, and the reasonable design can reduce the windage and reduce the energy consumption.

6)The gas layer can distribute the air volume to be treated evenly in the equipment to ensure the overall treatment effect.

7)The support layer one is mainly the support frame of the dewatering filler layer, and also plays the role of strengthening and strengthening the equipment.

8)The dewatering packing layer is the core component of the processing equipment, which functions to separate the gas and liquid, and also functions to intercept dust, particles and flocs in the exhaust gas.

9)Buffer layer and discharge port in the air outlet section

10)The drainage system passes through the exhaust gas of the dewatering packing layer, and the water contained therein is discharged, and is discharged to a designated system or position through the drainage system.

Working principle of wet purification tower

The working principle of the wet purification tower is to separate the pollutants in the gas and convert them into harmless substances to achieve the purpose of purifying the gas. It belongs to the differential contact counterflow type, and the packing in the tower is the basic component of gas-liquid two-phase contact.

It provides a large enough surface area without causing excessive resistance to gas and liquid flow. Absorbent is the main medium for treating exhaust gas, its nature and concentration are selected according to the nature of different exhaust gases, and the consumption of unit gas is treated.

It is determined by calculating the constant contact of the absorbent in the packing, so that the concentration of the liquid in the updraft is getting lower and lower, and the required amount to reach the discharge requirement when reaching the top of the tower is determined.

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